Food Industry Strategic Planning

The food service industry continues to evolve as it responds to changing consumer needs, increasing use of technology and economic realities. A strong strategic plan begins with a well thought out business objectives and continues with the identification or update of critically important strategies and tactics. Based on our real experience and specialized food service insights, Pentallect can develop or update top quality food industry strategic plans.

  • Corporate Strategic Planning
    If your company is primarily focused on the food service business, your strategic plan is a company or corporate plan. Each facet and function of your business must be aligned to efficiently and effectively support the achievement of your business objectives.
  • Business Unit Strategic Planning
    If your company is primarily a Consumer Products Company that also chooses to compete in the complex and ever changing food service business, you will likely need and should have a separate updated, insightful plan for your food-service strategic business unit.
  • Channel Entry Strategic Planning
    If you are interested in expanding your business beyond your current target markets, before making significant investments, development of a channel entry strategy is a great tool. If you have an interest in expanding into retail deli, convenience stores, food trucks or any other channel or market segment, get a head start with a great plan.
  • Go‐to‐Market Plan Development
    A strong strategic plan must ensure top notch tactical execution. Each element of a Go-to-market plan must account for how your valuable and limited food service resources, across various critical functions such as direct sales, indirect sales, marketing, trade programs, promotion and others, will be employed for maximum business success.
  • Opportunity Assessment
    Deployment of valuable and limited food service assets should be focused against the prioritized business opportunities. Whether you choose to focus on select market segments, specific business channels, GPOs, national accounts or even local leverage operators, you will benefit from having a plan the ensures a clear picture of the ‘size of the prize’.
  • Portfolio Optimization
    Achieving a proper balance in your portfolio makes a big difference in your profitability and ultimately your company’s success. A portfolio plan assesses if you have product voids stock keeping unit (SKU) proliferation or something in between. A good portfolio optimization plan will identify you portfolio drivers and identify growth opportunities and how they can positively impact your operational costs and facilitates sales focus and results.