Food Industry Structure & Organizational Design

Pentallect understands the intricacies of the food service industry and can assist your organization in developing a plan updating/enhancing your use of human and support assets across all functions within your food service business.

  • Channel & Segment Coverage
    Once you have identified your food service target market segments, it is critical to have an executional plan that aligns your sales and marketing resources to maximize results. Pentallect can provide support and/or guidance to be sure yur actions and resources reflect your strategic priorities.
  • Enhanced Productivity
    Productivity and in many cases return on investment (ROI) in food service is complex to identify and measure. Based on our experience and insights, Pentallect can identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) underlying opportunities to enhance and measure productivity.
  • Identifying & Evaluating Mergers & Acquisitions
    One strategic option to grow a business is via acquisition. Pentallect has experience assisting companies with identifying and evaluating potential strategic and/or opportunistic food service acquisitions.
  • Rightsizing
    Over a period of time companies make many incremental changes to the amount and ways their human assets are deployed. If you do not have a plan and process to ensure an optimum structure you will either under-perform because of too few assets or under-perform because your costs are too high. Pentallect can help you achieve the correct balance.
  • Future Readiness
    Typically strategic plans are developed for a period of 2-5 years. Therefore an important component of a successful business is to ensure preparedness to achieve successful plan execution. Innovation, change, acquisition, competitive activities all require that your organization is structured and prepared to succeed.
  • Industry Analysis
    When you need confidence in understanding what is happening food service operators, distributors, GPOs and manufacturer competitors, Pentallect can provide the analysis you need to make important decisions.