Food Service Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

  • Sales Management Utilization
    Food service is often described as a sales driven business. Sales management has the responsibility for developing the right balance between “push & pull” efforts and allocating and managing sales resources to optimize effectiveness. A separate and unique challenge is how best to deploy the sales management time and talent to produce desired results. Let Pentallect help you identify the right balance of focus on operator, distributor, GPO and emerging online sales efforts.
  • Support Programs
    Sales has the responsibility to grow your customer base and your business. However, they typically cannot do it alone without effective and efficient food service marketing and promotion/trade support. Pentallect has a wealth of experience in developing and helping implement support programs in the food service channel. Call Pentallect for more information.
  • Comparative Benchmarking
    Most food service companies tend to operate in organizational and functional silos. Pentallect observes many different companies at different stages of maturity, sophistication and effectiveness in “Go-to-Market” capabilities. Let Pentallect broaden your insights and provide lateral learning to improve your performance using comparative bench-marking.
  • Customer Prioritization
    Not every food service customer is of equal “value”. Food service is a complex business channel with significantly different food service operator market segments as well as customer/trading partner agreements with distributors and GPOs. Pentallect can assist in identifying processes to evaluate and prioritize customers so you can focus your valuable resources to obtain the best results.
  • Broker Management
    The predominant go-to-market sales structure for food service manufacturers involves some level of agency/broker utilization. Most brokers represent many companies, categories and brands. Pentallect has significant insights and experience helping manufacturers cut through the marketplace “clutter” by providing strategies and tactics that enhance the manufacturer/agency relationship, and lead to  improved results.
  • Marketing Research
    Information is a powerful tool to help inform and guide decisions. Let Pentallect address how to identify, obtain and utilize food service research.