Go-to-Market 2025 Study

The Go-to-Market 2025 Study provides an in-depth view of how the foodservice industry is likely to evolve, and most importantly, how supply chain participants must adapt their go-to-market models to succeed in the future operating environment. The study is available in two options:

Full Study: The Full Study is designed for organizations that are exploring opportunities to enhance their go-to-market models and want to understand the evolving nature of the foodservice channel and requirements for success. The Full Study provides detailed insights into the foodservice landscape structure and dynamics, identifies critical strategic issues and imperatives for each customer segment/supply chain group, and recommends specific goto-market action steps for industry participants. The Full Study culminates in an on-site working session with Pentallect partners.

Landscape Assessment and Outlook: The Landscape Assessment and Outlook is a condensed version of the study that is designed to provide an informed baseline for strategic planning. The Landscape Assessment and Outlook includes the same comprehensive foodservice landscape analysis as the full report and also provides Pentallect’s assessment of the Top 5 critical strategic issues by customer segment/supply chain group. The Landscape Assessment and Outlook includes a 1 ½ hour presentation.


Pentallect addresses the following critical go-to-market elements and their relevance to various types of food, beverage and nonfood manufacturers, distributors and sales agencies.

Size and Growth Drivers Include:

Distribution: Route-to-Market Structure & Dynamics
  • Top 100 distributors, individually listed and segmented by type (inclusive of club stores and cash-n-carry)
  • Specialty and small broadline distributors
  • Third-party online and e-commerce
  • Manufacturer direct (e.g. coffee roasters, bakeries, dairies)
  • Redistribution
Operators: Evolving Nature of Consumer Demand Fulfillment
  • Top 100 restaurant chains
  • Other restaurant chains (101 – 500)
  • Top 50 other commercial chains (e.g., c-store, lodging)
  • Top 25 foodservice management firms
  • GPOs (source and access types)
  • Other contracted business (K-12, Military, Corrections, etc.)
  • “Street” business; size and drivers of Independent/Street operator performance
  • Non-traditional channels’ growing impact (Food Trucks, Home Meal Delivery, Restaurant/Grocery Mean Delivery Services, Farmer’s Markets, etc.)
Sales Agency Assessment: Detailed Outlook for the Broker Community
  • Will there be further consolidation? If so, what will be the implications?
  • Can brokers successfully transition to new revenue models?
  • How will broker roles and responsibilities evolve?
  • How will the national broker model change and adapt?
  • What is the future of local market and specialty brokers?

To determine which version best addresses your needs, please view the following comparative chart.


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