Go-to-Market Strategic Pandemic Roadmap

Market Insights and Planning Imperatives to
Drive improved Business Performance in the Post-COVID Marketplace


The Go-to-Market Strategic Pandemic Roadmap is a must-have planning and execution resource as organizations redefine their growth strategies in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis. The Strategic Roadmap delivers a comprehensive analysis of the fundamentally altered food operating environment as the industry emerges from the virus shutdown, including new market structure and growth dynamics, an evaluation of critical issues, an assessment of implications for your organization and a Roadmap to the Future.

Includes primary research and analyses with detailed insights into the foodservice and retail food landscape structure, trends and dynamics over the next 3 year planning horizon to enable you to build more targeted and effective plans.  Includes a virtual meeting with Pentallect partners to gain management team alignment regarding the significant shifts in market structure, discuss the new requirements for success and uncover issues and opportunities specific to your organization to reset your growth plans.

Given the highly fluid operating environment and lack of clarity regarding the duration of the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on the food channels, the Strategic Pandemic Roadmap includes a detailed Situation Assessment forecast that will be updated in the fourth quarter. The Situation Assessment includes industry performance scenarios, or potential outcomes, as we emerge from the crisis; analyses of critical industry issues; and an assessment of go-to-market implications and recommended actions for market participants. The performance scenarios are subject to change and the fourth quarter assessment will provide updated growth projections plus an evaluation of evolving distribution dynamics, go-to-market model implications and recommendations for success in the post-virus operating environment.

By providing detailed insights into the food industry landscape and dynamics, identifying critical strategic issues and assessing imperatives for each customer group, the Go-to-Market Strategic Pandemic Roadmap will ensure your go-to-market efforts are targeted for success.

Table of Contents

I.    Objectives and Methodology

II.   Executive Summary

III.   Channel and Segment Performance

       Channel and Segment Performance Projections (2020 – 2023)

       Shutdown and Recovery Phase Performance Projections

       Segment Post-Pandemic Outlooks

       Recovery Phase Performance Relative to Pre-Virus (2019)

       Distribution Growth Projections by Type

  • Total food industry distribution overview – all channels; size, structure and market shares
  • Foodservice market structure by distribution type:  sales, market shares, historic and projected growth, brand dynamics and typical margin structure

       Distribution Type Post-Pandemic Outlooks

IV.  Overarching Industry Issues and Market Drivers

       Consolidation Across Supply Chain Participants

       Shifting Profit Pools and Projected Margin “Winners and Losers”

       Future of Big Food Versus Newer, Nimble Entrants

       Role of Ecommerce in Demand Creation and Fulfillment

       Labor Outlook and Impact on the Food Channel

       Leveraging Data & Insights for Growth; Addressing the Scarcity of Analytical Capabilities

       Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the Food Industry (in conjunction with r4 Technologies)

V.  Go-to-Market Impact

VI.   Implications and Imperatives