Nontraditional Channels REPORT: A Key Industry Growth Driver

Pentallect’s report, NONTRADITIONAL RETAIL FOOD CHANNELS: A KEY INDUSTRY GROWTH DRIVER, evaluates the impact of ten under-reported nontraditional channels on the total food industry.  For each of these channels, we provide size and growth estimates, measure their impact on the total industry, and provide extensive survey data on consumer behavior, usage intentions, and attitudes, including the reasons for using / not using.   The report utilizes insights from a demographically balanced survey with over 1,000 consumers.

The ten nontraditional channels analyzed in the report include:

  • Club Stores
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  • Ethnic/Neighborhood Stores (e.g. bodegas)
  • Farmers Markets
  • Food Trucks
  • Limited Assortment Stores, like Aldi, Grocery Outlet and Save-A-Lot
  • Meal Kits/Home Delivered Meals like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh
  • Online like and
  • Specialty Stores (e.g. bakeries, butchers, etc …)
  • Trader Joe’s
A Summary of Key Findings From This Report Include:

    • Nontraditional channels will account for almost one-third of all food industry growth through 2023.
    • Traditional Retail will be negatively impacted the most by nontraditional channel growth.
    • Frequency of use is high among users and overall market penetration remains relatively low; indicating significant upside potential.
    • The nontraditional channels, collectively, will grow at more than double the rate of the overall food channel as two-thirds of consumers plan to use nontraditional channels the same or more, or will try them.


The Nontraditional Channels: A Key Industry Growth Driver report covers the following topics in total and for each nontraditional channel:

■   U.S. Food and Beverage Industry Sales and Growth by Channel
■   Nontraditional Channel Summary Statistics
■   Nontraditional Channel Growth
   Usage of Nontraditional Channels
   Frequency of Using Nontraditional Channels
   Spending at Nontraditional Channels
   Planned Usage of Nontraditional Channels
   Heavy User Group Dynamics
   Consumer Attitudes Toward Each Nontraditional Channel
   Significant Findings

The Pentallect Nontraditional Channels: A Key Industry Growth Driver report is a “must have” for organizations trying to understand overall food industry dynamics, growth channels, shifting consumer behavior and the implications for their business strategies.