Prevailing Industry Practices (PIP): Using Data to Enhance Performance REPORT

Pentallect is pleased to announce the publication of our PREVAILING INDUSTRY PRACTICES: Using Data to Enhance Performance report.  This report provides insights into manufacturer’s current practices and future intentions related to data use.

Pentallect PREVAILING INDUSTRY PRACTICES reports are one-of-a kind reports based on extensive field input and Pentallect’s best-in-class experience, that provide comprehensive benchmarks and analysis of major issues affecting suppliers’ operating performance and profitability.

The “Using Data to Enhance Performance” topic is important and timely as more data is now available to foodservice suppliers than at any previous time.  However, there are significant differences in how and for what purpose manufacturers are using, or not using, data to make better informed decisions and evaluate performance.  This report provides both a look at how a cross-section of manufacturers use and plan to use data as well as Pentallect commentary on the subject.

Specific survey findings and Pentallect commentary include, but are not limited to, the following important areas:

  • Current state of data use
  • Intentions on future data use
  • Maturity level of manufacturer data use
  • Current use of data by function
  • Most common sources of data
  • Most common tools and third-party resources used to analyze data
  • Top manufacturer KPIs

In addition to the survey findings, Pentallect provides examples of data use, commentary on how suppliers are using data and potential ways to capitalize upon the findings.