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The Pentallect partners’ personal executive experience, coupled with their reputation as provocative and outside-the-box thought leaders, have made their pragmatic advice, opinions and insights some of the most sought after in the food industry. The Pentallect team is honored to be regularly quoted in national and leading industry publications.



National Sales Agency Evolution – What’s Next?

    By:  Rick Abraham | Bob Goldin June 25, 2019 With the recent departure of one national foodservice sales agency president to a competitor, industry executives are asking questions about the continued evolution of the national foodservice sales agency...

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It’s Time for a New Sales Productivity RoadMap

  by:  Rick Abraham April 8, 2019 Remember not too long ago when foodservice manufacturers sold a wide variety of mostly undifferentiated products to a base of mostly similar operator customers through a mostly analogous group of broker/agencies and...

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The Kraft Heinz Bombshell: Sorting Through the Rubble

    by:  Bob Goldin February 22, 2019   On February 21st, Kraft Heinz announced a profit decline, a 36% dividend cut, an SEC investigation of its accounting practices, margin contraction, lower realized prices, cost headwinds, potential asset sales, a...

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    by:  Bob Goldin | Barry Friends February 4, 2019   We have the utmost respect for (Amazon).  Perhaps more than any company in the recent past, it has and is fundamentally reshaping how business is conducted.  No one can ignore their...

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