Spending & Profitability Optimization

  • Trade Spending
    Food service trade spending is likely the second highest cost on your P&L after cost of goods. Pentallect can assist in developing strategies and tactics, based on your unique business situation, that will focus on improving your results and ROI on your trade investment.
  • Category Management
    Category management in food service continues to evolve. For many it is a component of strategic sourcing and/or a way of managing your business internally. The principles and value of Category Management has been proven across many industries. Let Pentallect ensure you are utilizing all category management strategies and tactics to your short and long term advantage.
  • Sales Spending
    Whether your food service sales team is direct, broker or hybrid, your cost of sales is a critical KPI. Developing strategies and tactics to manage cost of sales (coupled with sales effectiveness) is one of your critical strategic issues and challenges. Pentallect experience and knowledge can provide great value.
  • Operational Spending
    The complex food service channel requires an aligned and cost effective support system to demonstrate excellent customer service while at the same time operating efficiently and effectively.
  • Marketing Spending
    Food service marketing and promotional spending (excluding trade spending) has long been used to support and supplement sales efforts. Pentallect can assist you with strategies and tactics that have been successful in making a difference.
  • Go‐to‐Market Costs
    Food service ‘go to market’ strategies can be complex. Best practice plans would identify the most effective and efficient cost structure providing a full business system approach from strategic and tactical execution to ensuring effective and efficient costs. Let Pentallect help your company improve results.