Food Supply Chain Optimization

  • Network Optimization
    Pentallect can support your efforts to solve the many challenges of food service supply chain network optimization. From regional to national solutions identifying and implementing the right network option saves time, money and enhances your company’s reputation.
  • Strategic Sourcing
    Food service purchasing continues to become increasingly sophisticated. Pentallect has extensive experience and can assist your company in responding and improving success in responding to requests for proposals (RFPs).
  • Cost Reduction
    With an overarching focus on food service operating costs, Pentallect can assist in developing a strategic and tactical approach to cost reduction without impeding service levels.
  • Redistribution
    One key to efficient and effective food service supply chain is the strategic use of redistribution. Developing an understanding of your operational “cost to serve” will provide the foundational economic insights that drive the proper use of redistribution. Pentallect can help you understand your “cost to serve” and develop strategies and tactics for the economically sound use of redistribution.
  • E‐commerce
    One of the growth opportunities in food service is e commerce. Some food service manufacturers have been selling their products direct to end users via e commerce, while still others have products available through Amazon or other e commerce sites. Pentallect can develop strategies and/or energize your on line capabilities.