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The Pentallect partners’ personal executive experience coupled with their reputation as provocative and outside-the-box thought leaders have made their pragmatic advice, opinions and insights some of the most sought after in the food industry. Pentallect’s team is proud to regularly be quoted in leading publications.

GPO Landscape Undergoes Significant Change

by Gary Karp | August 8, 2018 In the Pentallect POV published October 18, 2017, we highlighted the purchase of Avendra by Aramark.  In that POV we mentioned many of the large foodservice GPOs and estimated Foodbuy GPO managed spend at approximately $20-22 billion,...

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Critical Strategic Issue: Brand Share Evolution

by Gary Karp April 30, 2018 Recently, several articles have been published that indicate a renewed momentum in food retailing toward private label share growth. Generally speaking, whether in retail or foodservice, growth in brand share itself is an important key...

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The Big 3 Broadliners: Lapping the field, gaining share

by Barry Friends | Bob Goldin February 20, 2018 Sysco, US Foods (USF) and Performance Food Group (PFG) have released their latest quarterly results, and they are, in a word, impressive. The companies are continuing to achieve revenue, case volume and profit growth...

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Independent Restaurants on a Bumpy Road

by Bill Caskey | Barry Friends | Bob Goldin January 11, 2018 For the past several years, independent restaurants have enjoyed considerable and hard- earned success and gained share. Many factors contributed to their growth: creativity, clever marketing, favorable...

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