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The Pentallect partners’ personal executive experience coupled with their reputation as provocative and outside-the-box thought leaders have made their pragmatic advice, opinions and insights some of the most sought after in the food industry. The Pentallect team is honored to be regularly quoted in national and  leading industry publications.

The Labor Crisis: Now is The Time to Collaborate

  by:  Bob Goldin | Gary Karp | Rob Veidenheimer | Barry Friends January 11, 2019   Labor shortages are widespread and growing in severity.  They are causing major disruptions to business efficiency and costs to rise, in some cases fairly dramatically.  Foodservice is...

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Capitalize on Data Analytics

by Gary Karp November 28, 2018 A recent study by Pentallect, "Best Practices: Strategic Use of Data Analytics",  confirmed the need for continuous improvement in the use of data analytics and identified significant differences in how various companies are using data...

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Food and Beverage Manufacturers: Stuck in Neutral

by Rob Veidenheimer | Bob Goldin November 13, 2018   Major food & beverage (F & B) manufacturers have been actively pursuing a number of strategic initiatives to accelerate sales and profit growth.  These initiatives have included portfolio diversification...

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Foodservice GPO Business Model Morphing

by Gary Karp | Barry Friends September 19, 2018   In the Pentallect POV published March 9, 2017, we highlighted the initiation of a foodservice Distributor GPO (DGPO) being started by UniPro, Unity Advantage Group, to enable their distributor members to better compete...

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